Fantasthick Anti- Hair Loss Lotion with CBD extract, Mastic Oil & 1 % Redensyl® for men 50 ml


Fantasthick anti – hair lotion for men with Cannabidiol, Mastic extract and 1% Redensyl® 50 ml

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Thanks to the innovative, proven formulation of Fantasthick Anti-Hair Loss Lotion, hair loss is treated effectively and visibly. The Redensyl® formula boosts hair follicle activity and strengthens hair, as stimulating men’s hair growth. Clinical studies have shown that due to the innovative active ingredient of Redensyl®, hair density increases after the first three months of application.

Pure Natural extracts such as Greek Mastic Oil and Aloe Vera make hair look thicker and fuller, while CBD (Cannabidiol) Extract due to its anti – inflammatory strengthens the hair, improves blood circulation, maintaining fuller, healthier looking hair. The fatty acids, Omega-3 & Omega-6 that contains, soothe the scalp, reduce redness and fortifies even that most sensitive skins.

Dermatologically Tested Product.


Prevents and effectively fights Hair Loss in Men
Repairs and Strengthens Hair
Stimulates new hair growth from the very first applications


Apply to freshly washed hair, by lightly massaging from the roots to the ends, without rinsing.


For optimum results, use once a day, on a daily basis.

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